Time management

Time management
  • Time managementhabits which will definitely produce positive results
With the current pace of living words about value of every moment and people’s inability to appreciate and cherish it sound acute more than ever. Throughout life, time we spend working is second only to sleeping. Having remote job makes mastering your time a realistic goal. However even the most organized freelancers definitely face such problems as frustration and exhaustion at the end of the workday with poor results.
 We suggest that you fall into the following habits which will definitely produce positive results:
1. It is high time you stopped killing time on the Internet. Accustom yourself to ignore irrelevant information, not to task your mind with it and use the Internet as necessary. 
2. Find out what time of day you are the most efficient. No matter how strong your unwillingness is, fulfill the most challenging and troublesome tasks at this time. Make profit of the fact that nobody imposes you any work pattern and you can correlate it with your biorhythms.
3. All of us use to write a daily to-do list but in 90% it is never done completely. You need to write a doable list, the one you will be able to carry out not to feel helpless and good for nothing at the end of the day. For this purpose split a day into hours in your mind and make a list according to these time lines. Asking yourself: “Can this be done in the following hour?” is more efficient than setting something utopian as a goal. Upon the work completing, give yourself a mark in front of each task. These marks can be used to make monthly statistics to take an unbiased look at your work and analyze the general dynamic.
4. Keep your work area clean. Inspiration and energy won’t come if you dwell in chaos and clutter. 
5. Assign an order of “flexible” and “rigid” tasks. “Rigid” ones shouldn’t go one by one. “Flexible” ones should be written out and fulfilled in priority order. If you can’t appreciate time and meet the deadline, negotiate with a customer about estimating intermediate results. Ideally you set them for yourself.
6. Many freelancers work from libraries, cafes or rent an office, but the majority of them work at home. Make it clear for your family that nothing should disturb the proper atmosphere during your working hours. Set a sign that will mean that no bothering is admissible! If you are not that good at attention focusing, try Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique.  
7. No more than 70% of your working time should be planned, otherwise your plan turns into not doable one. Quiet, successful and stress-free fulfillment will be a challenge then.
8. Overcome your perfectionism. Just make yourself do work without anxiety to do it non-perfect. Ignore your fear of a global task stubbornly. Certainly you hear over and over again that an ambitious aim is easy to achieve if you split a task into several quite easily done ones.  You can work at a project not in natural sequence but in random order. A good beginning is half the battle, and in our case, even 80% of it. To go through with the rest of work you will have to invest 20% efforts.